Kum 2019 ah Rung Lian Ceu Paih kan hmuh than cang lai.

March  7, 2019 ah Rung Lian Ceu Paih kan hmuh than cang lai.

Rung Lian Ceu ti ahcun Laimi Paih a uarmi hna nih cun a kong kan theih pah dih cio lai. Paih a thiam, a tthawng, a pumrua le a thazaang nih a pek. Amah paih zoh ruah ah nihlawh a thlah mi kan tam cio.

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Nikum 2018 CND Hakha Paih a sunlawi khunnak zong kha Amah Rung Lian Ceu Hakha ah aa paih ve mi hi aa tel ve. Tar nu tar pa tiang in an cuanh. A pumrua le a cawlcangh ning nih milung thin a lak taktak.

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Biahal nak tete an ngeihmi ah 2018 WPC dih cun Laimi sin ahcun kaa pai ti lai lo ti hi a chim nan theih kan theih cio lai. Amah pumpak zong nih 2018 WPC lio ah “paih a ka duhmi nih a tu ahhin $ 5000 chia u law ka chuah hnawh uh”“Nan chuah ngam ttung lo ahcun nan holh tam len ti hlah uh” tiah a chimmi kha na theih ttheo lai.

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A pumrua nih a pek, a thazaang a ttha. Kha bantuk mitthawng Paih bual cung i kan hmuh lai lo dingmi kha Paih tha a pe tu nih cun kan zaang a raam ngai. Asinain ruah a hau ve mi cu, Mitampi kan hmuhnak ah fawi ten a tei kho ding an um ti lai lo caah a kianh pah hna hi a ttha ko lo maw? ti hi a si ve.

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Amah kaa in Laimi lak ah kaa pai ti lai lo a ti bantuk in Laimi sin ah cun paih hi aa tim rua lo. Nain 2019 March thla zarhkhatnak ah tuahmi Nagaland Paih zuamnak ah kan hmuh khawh te lai.

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Nagaland Thanhca pakhat asi mi “Tha Nagaland Post” nih Rung Lian Ceu le WPC hotu Pu Ang Cung nih an kan telpi lai tiah thawng an thanh cang.

an mah Nagaland lei zong an i ready taktak cang, a thinlung zong a tur ngaingai ve ko lai dah..

Mirang ca in rel duh mi hrang ah..

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The 12th Open Naga Wrestling Meet 2019, hosted by Angami Wrestling Association, will be held on March 7 in Kohima.
Announcing this in a press conference at NWA office, Kohima on Sunday, Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) president Neivikuolie Khatsu said the total cash prize for this year has been enhanced to Rs 6.10 lakh.
The champion will receive a cash award of Rs 2 lakh while the second position will pocket Rs 1.50 lakh. The third and fourth position will receive Rs 1. lakh and Rs 70,000 respectively. The quarterfinalists will get Rs 10,000 each and the losing pre-quarterfinalists will also receive Rs 5000 each. The best tactic wrestler will pocket Rs 10,000.
Therefore, interested wrestlers have been asked to contact their respective wrestling association or NWA.
Meanwhile, American wrestler Rung Lian Ceu will be coming to Nagaland to participate in the forthcoming Naga wrestling meet.
NWA president Khatsu said Ceu is the reigning US and Myanmar wrestling champion. He will be coming along with Ang Cung, chairman of World Paih Championship. NWA officials said they are expected to reach Nagaland latest by March 5.
NWA will also have interactive session with USA wrestling association during the visit to discuss future plans to develop wrestling, the president said. Apart from the international wrestler, NWA are also expecting wrestlers from Delhi, Jharkhand and Maharashtra to take part in the meet. All India Traditional Wrestling & Pankration Federation (AITWPF) general secretary, Shailendra Kumar Pathak and C.A Tomballi will be attending the wrestling meet, NWA informed.
Highlighting some of the upcoming yearly event for this year, NWA said they will be hosting its first state level indoor belt wrestling championship in the month of October-November.
Two Naga wrestlers, Vechita Khesoh and Keduovilie Zumu, will also be participating in the International Ethnofestival 2019 under belt wrestling category on invitation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from March 9 onwards.

Credit: Tha Nagaland Post

Crd: Lungtting, CCN

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