Chuahthla le an Lungput

PSYCHOLOGISTS hna chimning ah –


Image result for january

Muidawh an tam. Duh an nung. An thluak atlawm. Darling le nuar hnawh an hmang.


Image result for february

An biakam ah an dir peng. Darling dawt an thiam.


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Mitha an si. Mi tang ah an i dor. An Darling le cung ah zumh tlak tein an um. Capo an duh.


Image result for april

Mi zawn an ruat. An lung a cang. Darling helh an thiam. An bia a thlum.


Image result for may

An mi duh mi cung ah cun zah an hngal loh. Bia an thiam. Darling thlen an i fawih.


Image result for june

Kawmh an nuam. An thluak atha. An mit a par. Mi helh an thiam.


Image result for july

Mi teima an si. An lung akhauh. An vikvak atha. Zuun tuar an celh loh.


Image result for August

Mi khawhkhalol an tam. An holh atam. Hawi le caah an tha. Darling le nuamhter an thiam.


Image result for september

Muidawh an tam. An thin a tawi. Darling caah nun an siang. An thli atha.


Image result for october

Mifim an tam. Ca an thiam. Kawmh an nuam. Darling nei kho lo an tam.


Image result for november

Mifel an tam. Nawl an ngai. Duhtu tampi an ngei. Darling tampi ngeih an hmang.


Image result for december

Mi nun nem an tam. An khiar loh. An mah nak i muidawh/mifim/ an i hmuh.


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