Salat hnah athatnak

Salat hnah ah aitel mi dat pawl –

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Ti dat, Protein , carbohydrates , ahmiin dat, athlum dat, magnesium, potassium,sodium, zinc,tyramine, riboflavin,niacin, folic, vitamin B6, C,A, E le K hna hi Salat hnah ah aitel mi dat pawl an si.

Ngandam nak caah athat nak –

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1 lung tha athawngter/adam ter

2 zunthlum a zorter

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3 phin azorter

4 cancer hrik a zorter

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5  thau azorter

6 thluak riantuan athatter

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7 zawtnak rungrul pawl athahkhawh/zorter

Credit ; hellosayarwon

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