THUMKOM NUNMAWI (Dr. Billy Graham)

Dr. Billy Graham

1. Ε’ihzah ding mi pa 3 : Kum upa, Biaknak, le Daan pawl an si.

2. Duhbik ding mi pa 3: Thianghlimnak, Rinumnak, le Taimaknak pawl an si.

3. Upat ding mi pa 3: Duhdawtnak, Fimnak, le Nundanmawi pawl an si.

4. Neih rori ding mi pa 3: RalΕ£hatnak, Lungawinak, le Zuamnak pawl an si.

5. Kaihhnget ding mi pa 3: Thukam, RualΕ£hat-awknak, le Duhdawtnak pawl an si.

6. Ralrin ding mi pa 3: Lei, Thinlung, le Thlemnak pawl an si.

7. Fimkhur bik ding mi pa 3: Biakdaan, Nundaan, le HnaΕ£uandaan pawl an si.

8. Hlonhlo ding mi pa 3: Zangzelnak, Thuphanper, le Mi Relsiat pawl an si

.Crd.Robert vl ruata

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